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Peace and Friendship club - Spain

Dear friend collector,

To join our club as an active member, you only have to refill the attached Form for Free Registration, or to send all the information requested in the form for free registration, or in a simple email and from now on you will be considered a member of the club Peace and Friendship.
In our list of members, countries are included for an easier location, which are constantly updated with your ads in Spanish and English, and in a minor scale in French, German, Italian and Portuguese, with all the personal information and wishes of the members for exchanging. More than 95 % are collectors.
There are 2500 members of more 150 countries.
All our members are represented in the lists with their postal address for guarantees, between others, for the changes.
At present, the list of members is not published on Internet; every member accepts it directly in you electronic mail (Email).
I hope that all this would be of your interest and join as members of the club Peace and Friendship.
Best greetings from Spain.
José Manuel Perez Lancha,
Peace and Friendship club President

Join Stamps and Numismatic Exchange Club

Apartado 28, E-08840 Viladecans, Barcelona, SPAIN
Club for all stamp collectors: Exchange, buy, sell, mint, used stamps, Complete years, Sheets, Booklets, First Day Covers (FDCs), Stamp on envelope, Postal Stationery (with imprinted stamps), Aerogramme, Cancellations, Postmarks, Catalogues, Maximum cards (MCs) , any others, Postcards, Phonecards, Banknotes, Coins, Medals, Champagne Capsules Caps, Souvenirs, etc and
Friendly Correspondence, etc.
If you are interested in our Club, send us subsequently the attached bulletin of inscription and in a way totally free, we will publish your desires, and you can have the complete safety that you will receive a great quantity of changes and correspondence, according to your desires. This is our better guarantee since the year 1968, when we established our Club.

We will be a greater club of philatelic collector free of charge. Please recommend us to your friends. Thank you!!!


Name and surname:


Date of birth: (month, day, year)

Profession: Sex:

Residential postal address:

P. O. Box:

Postal code, Zip, City, country

Exchange and correspondence:



Countries of my interest:

Thematic that I am interested in:

Define the change/trade: commemoratives, definitive, used, mint, CTOs, quantities, 1:1, catalogues… Specify before if you send or accept duplicates.

Advanced, medium or beginner collector

Known languages:

Recommended by Jose Manuel Perez Lancha, club President


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